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    3 Steps to accessible electricity:


    Customers join the service at their local mobile operator
    store. After paying a one-time commitment fee they receive
    a kit comprising a solar panel, indoor power unit, phone
    charging accessories and two LED lights.


    Customers install the solar panel on the roof and position
    the indoor power unit inside the house. The solar panel
    converts sunlight into electricity that is stored in the
    indoor power unit.


    Customers access electricity from the indoor power unit
    by making a payment via their mobile phone airtime. All it
    takes is an SMS. Once payment has been credited, the
    service unlocks and customers are free to access electricity,
    24 hours a day.

    As a distributed power company that aspires to first-class
    customer experience, Lumos provide all its customers with
    a worry-free, 5-year warranty.

    The Lumos Kit Includes:

    • Large 80W solar panel unit and solar cable
    • Solar control unit with 8 sockets DC 12V max
    • USB mobile phone adapter
    • 2 powerful LED bulbs
    • Easy self-installation mounting kit