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Lumos Solar Home Systems

Lumos, a market leading provider of high-quality solar home systems, is revolutionising the African market with a reliable and clean power solution, accessible to everyone.

There are currently close to 1 billion people in Africa with poor or no access to the electricity grid. We combine easy to use technology with a personalised service to power prosperity for millions of people.

Lumos enables prosperity and improves livelihoods for families and business owners who can now advance their level of education, remain active after sundown, take advantage of new opportunities and thrive.

Powering bulbs, computers, fans, TVs and other appliances, Lumos ensures that our customers save money every month, while significantly cutting CO² emissions.


Lumos’ customers pay a small initial fee followed by affordable monthly instalments via their mobile phones


Lumos’ customers enjoy access to reliable electricity, high quality customer support services and a multi-year system warranty

Green & Clean

Lumos replaces hazardous and expensive kerosene lanterns and generators with safe, clean and environmentally friendly solar power


Lumos’ systems are easy to install and operate on an ongoing basis, making them accessible to everyone

& Services

Lumos’ Customer Experience -
from sign up to daily usage


Customers sign up and pay a small initial fee. The Lumos kit is then picked up and easily installed.


Customers pay the affordable monthly instalment via their mobile phone.

All set! Customers can start enjoying Lumos’ solar home system on an ongoing basis.

Lumos’ Solar Home Systems:
a wide range of uses

Lumos’ high-quality solar home systems provide reliable power
for a wide range of appliances


Lumos enables prosperity and improves livelihoods for families and business owners:

  • Small businesses can remain open after sundown, enabling longer operating hours and more income and revenues.
  • Families gain access to education and information, increasing their financial inclusion and their opportunities to thrive.


Lumos provides a source of reliable and renewable energy to its customers, offering a clean and affordable alternative that contributes to the reduction of CO² emissions globally:

  • Currently, more than 22 million polluting, dangerous and noisy generators are in use in Nigeria. Using Lumos’ SHS can replace these generators and help reduce pollution.
  • By using Lumos’ SHS, customers can improve the quality of their air and reduce health issues caused by unsafe kerosene lanterns and generators.