The Possibilities of Affordable Solar Power

July 23, 2019

A solar energy system is seen as a decent solution to both economic and environmental challenges. For most people, the financial case is a major factor when considering solar systems. However, the times when solar panels were expensive and only affordable by the wealthiest homeowners are gone.

That has changed and you can now get cheap and affordable solar panels even from reliable companies. Also, state incentives and financing options are making it easy to access solar energy. As long as you have enough sunlight hitting your roof, then solar power will be advantageous to you.

An average solar panel has a lifespan of 30 years and it is important to go with trustworthy companies especially if you need a big power supply for a big house. You should know that there are more benefits to using a reliable company than just low prices. If you choose any of the companies below, you can be sure of enjoying renewable energy as well as an environmentally-friendly living.

• ReneSola

• Sharp

• Trina Solar

• Jinko Solar

• Canadian Solar


• Suniva

• Solar World

• LG

• Yingli Green

The technology and price of a photovoltaic systems (PV) have also improved since 2010. As a result, it has become the most popular choice for homeowners. There are other smaller options as well if you are not willing to buy the PV. Many products are available today that allows you to supply power while saving energy and cost, like Lumos smart solar system.

Lumos solar system

Lumos is an off-grid solar system and just like any other solar system, it transforms energy from the sun into electricity. The difference is that you will be charged for using the energy stored, from your mobile recharge.

This system of payment is pay-as-you-go. The system does not allow you to use the stored energy until you have activated a plan by crediting your phone with the required amount.

If what you need is a small power supply for a few electrical appliances like a fan, cell phone, and home lighting, then the Lumos, will be of great advantage to you. Some of the important features of Lumos are mentioned below:

• Lumos is convenient: You can easily pay via your phone and it can be installed without even having to hire a technician. You also get to escape the sound of noisy generators.

• Lumos is clean and green: You will not have to worry about generator fumes that can be hazardous to health and you can welcome a noiseless and safe power supply.

• Lumos is accessible and reliable: You can enjoy peace of mind with the anti-theft security and 5 years warranty attached to your purchase.

• Lumos is affordable: You will be able to replace expensive means of power supply like gas and batteries.


• The entire system is made up of an 80W solar panel, which will be mounted on your rooftop outside your home.

• It has a 300Wh capacity when it is fully charged.

• It offers 8 DC output ports.

• It has two USB ports.

• Two car cigarette sockets.

• Four 12V DC outputs.

The entire kit comes with two LED light bulbs and the battery takes about 6 hours to be fully charged on a sunny day. Some models also carry the DC to AC converter.

Lumos solar power station and capabilities

Lumos is Leading a revolution in Africa

A new report has shown that solar energy is now making a major impact in Africa, thanks to Lumos who is at the forefront of it all. Following an article by Nir Marom, co-founder of Lumos Global read about people paying 50 cents for kerosene and candles, the idea was born.

Nir wanted to make electricity reachable and to provide four-kilowatt hours for the same price to people living off the grid and this way off-grid customers can take charge of their energy usage. Lumos offers one of the fastest-growing off-grid solar services in Africa, and it is improving millions of lives.

As the IEA reported, off-grid solutions in Africa and Asia is rising and is headed to over 3000 MW in 2022. The off-grid solar power has been successfully in East Africa and as a result of this, off-grid solar companies are pouring into West Africa. However, there is no better option than Lumos as it provides energy that is clean, affordable and reliable. By making West Africa its first market, Lumos surely is smart and stands out. Since its launching in Nigeria in 2016, it has sold over 73,000 kits and expanded into Ivory Coast two year later.