Affordable Solar Power in 2019

May 1, 2019

“For most of us, keeping on top of our monthly bills can be a struggle. Our power sources are often too expensive for most of us to use constantly. If you live off the grid, generators, kerosene and other fuel sources are also expensive and we often have to use them sparingly”

-A testimony often heard from our customers

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

More and more countries have begun switching to solar power as a primary energy source, which means the cost of solar energy has dropped considerably.

With better and more advanced technology, far better quality and a greater demand for affordable solar power, many homeowners and businesses across the world are starting to look at solar as a smart energy solution.

Why Solar Power?

Solar power is the fastest growing market for reusable and inexpensive energy.

It’s ideal for your home, your business, to supply power to your appliances like your lights, phone, fans and TVs.

You know how powerful the sun feels when it’s shining on your skin. You can actually feel it.

Imagine harnessing that power to use as a cheap and renewable fuel source. Not only is it easy and on the rise, but affordable solar power is also more popular than ever.

If you are looking for a new, reliable and renewable energy source, consider solar power.

Solar panels cost very little to install, they provide constant reliable power and they are very easy to use- just face them to the sun.

How Solar Power Works

Solar power is one of the most popular renewable power sources worldwide.

This means affordable solar power can now be used for many countries who live off the grid. Affordable solar power is now available to everyone.

Solar power is generated through panels installed in the roof of your home or small business.

During the day, while the sun is shining, and even when it’s cloudy, the panels absorb the sun’s power and store it.

The power comes from the sunlight, not the heat. When the sun shines on to the panels, the light is stored in the panel and then converted into solar energy electricity.

Then, the energy is transferred to a unit where it is then used to supply the home or business with clean, renewable energy.

Affordable solar power is clean, cheap and readily available.

Benefits of Solar Power

There are plenty of upsides to using solar power and very few downsides.

In particular, for those using it for their day to day power source, it’s absolutely ideal.

It works everywhere:

As long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be harvested.

This is most useful for remote regions with no or limited access to any other sources of electricity.

With so many people around the world with no access to electricity, affordable solar power is a perfect solution.

Independent solar systems can be set up in these regions and vastly improve the lives of millions of people. As the sun is always there, the power source is always there.

No refilling kerosene lamps, replacing candles or filling and fixing your generator.


This is one of the biggest bonuses for using solar power. It’s affordable for everyone.

It is accessible- that means no loss of electricity, no waiting and no transport fees. Plus, you don’t pay more for peak hours. You can use it when you need it, the rate is the same.

The money you save from using affordable solar power means more money for all of the other things you need to pay for, like food, business, and all your household and business expenses.

By offering solar electricity as a service, your small, affordable subscription payments go towards covering the costs of the service and system that comes with it. This kind of model are actually giving you peace of mind while enjoying reliable electricity at small expenses.

Clean Energy

There is no cost or waste to produce solar power. The solar system works completely within its own power.

Unlike fossil fuels, like coal or oil where there are a mess and massive destruction to the environment, solar power is clean.

Solar power also doesn’t generate any waste because it doesn’t require maintenance. In fact, its lifetime is far longer than other energy-producing systems.

Solar panels are made to withstand the impact of the environment in extreme weather situations.

No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you use solar panels to create electricity.

No other fuel is required to produce solar energy electricity and this means that solar power can create large amounts of electricity without the uncertainty and expense of securing any other fuel supply.

It’s also clean to use as it’s not burnt, doesn’t give off emissions when being used and isn’t harmful to the air or people.

Unlike kerosene, gas, coal and other fuels, solar power provides power and that’s all.

Safety is also a bonus. Candles, gas, kerosene and connecting to electricity illegally can cause fires, damage, burns and death.

Solar power offers you the same, and even better power without causing any harm for you, your family and your clients.

Solar Power in Africa

Getting electricity to rural areas poses unique challenges for African governments. Remote and scattered, rural homes, unlike homes in urban areas, are costly and often impractical to connect to the grid.

Many countries are seeking new and alternatives to give rural and remote families safer and cleaner means to cook their food and light their homes.

Stand-alone sources of energy, such as affordable solar power are helping immensely.

Africa receives many more hours of sunlight than any other continent.

Why wouldn’t you want to harness that energy? Plus, Africa has millions of people living off the grid, which means limited or no consistent power sources available.

The costs of some types of fuels and power sources are out of reach financially for millions of people. But, solar panels and affordable solar power is now becoming more mainstream for many more people.

This is because technology has advanced and the demand for solar panels worldwide has increased.

This means the solar panels can be made better, faster and much cheaper. This is great news for people living in poverty or below the average income.

The demand for more affordable solar power puts the solar panels into the hands of everyone.

Mass productions lower the cost of manufacturing and thus, lowers the cost to connect solar panels.

Technology has also played another role. With more modern and low energy light bulbs, appliances and other gadgets, it costs less and takes less to use them.

Many lightbulbs are solar powered, as are phone chargers, small appliances and more household items we use every day.

How Lumos Works

We at Lumos offer clean and affordable solar power to a market of 1.3 billion potential customers who live off the electricity grid.

That’s a lot of people who can now have access to affordable solar power.

Get rid of your expensive lanterns and generators that use dangerous kerosene and try our modern solar electricity.

You can power lights, cellphones, fans, computers, TVs and other compatible small electronic devices, all for less cost and a cleaner and safer alternative power source.

Lumos Solar Panel Kit

Lumos offers homes and small businesses a simple and affordable way to pay for electricity in small instalments using their mobile phones.

One easy installation and you are all set up. Affordable solar power is also convenient.

At Lumos mobile electricity service we will install the solar power panels in your roof. There, the power source is sent to a small power unit inside the home or business.

Get modern electricity off the grid for far less price than other messy, expensive fuels.

Each kit contains:

  • Large 80W solar panel unit and solar cable
  • Solar control unit with 8 sockets DC 12V max
  • USB mobile phone adapter
  • 2 powerful LED bulbs
  • AC/DC convertor

Once the solar panel is on the roof, the battery unit that stores the power is placed in the house or business. Then, you simply connect the power cords and LED lights that are all included with the panel.

Once installed, you can make your payments through your mobile phone. No need to travel to pay for the service. You pay a monthly subscription the same way you get data packages for the phone itself.

The service can be joined at your nearest MTN store. The payments are made easily through your cell phone, as easy as sending a text.

Each system has its own security system, so the usage is tracked and you only pay for what you use. They also use advanced anti-theft technology.

Once you are a customer, you will have power that allows you to run your fans, charge your phone, use your laptop and enjoy the television or radio when you please.

The best part with Lumos affordable solar power is if there are problems with the system during the service period, Lumos will take care of the problems for you.

Affordable solar power is changing the way people live. It’s making life easier and better and much brighter.

With billions of people who live off the grid, now they have access to power many people take for granted.

Never Run Out of Power

Even during a rainy or cloudy day, you can still receive the power. It only takes about six hours in direct sunlight to fully charge the battery storage unit, and that’s enough to run your household for a long time.

On a typical day you would be able to do all of the following together:

  • Light 2 powerful LED lights, strong enough to illuminate a room for 5 hours
  • Charge several mobile phones
  • Power a fan for 4-6 hours
  • Power a small TV 4 hours
  • Power a small radio for 10 hours
  • Power a laptop
  • Other combinations of appliances are possible – it all depends on the usage/consumption patterns, power generation and battery level.

Always check if your appliances are suitable before joining the service. Do not power all your appliances at once.


Africa has emerged as a hotbed for solar investment. In the last several years, solar has been one of the most popular sectors for development institutions and private sector investors targeting areas with significant potential for social and economic returns.

Many African companies that supply pay-as-you-go energy providers have secured millions of dollars to finance solar installations in one million homes over the next three years.

In fact, in 2016, Lumos raised $90 million from private equity investors and development banks to expand more solar power systems in Nigeria.

In areas where fuel is scarce and expensive, affordable solar power is making great progress in getting people power and a fraction of the cost of other, non-renewable sources.

Africa’s high levels of sunlight along with dropping costs of solar panels mean that affordable solar power may soon be the region’s most reliable and cheapest source of renewable energy.

Solar power is affordable power. It’s clean, it’s easy and renewable. It’s so much safer to use than other fuels and because it’s renewable, there is no worry of running out.

Coming into the light is making life more livable in Africa, thanks to affordable solar power.

Please contact us today for more information you may have, any questions or how to get started with your own affordable solar power kit.