In which countries is Lumos currently operating?

Lumos is currently operating in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire.

Who is the Lumos system intended for?

Lumos home solar system is suitable for families and small businesses that are not connected to the main electricity grid or that suffer from low or unreliable power supply. Lumos’ systems can be used to power bulbs, computers, fans, TVs and other appliances. Lumos offers an affordable and reliable alternative for those who are currently using a generator, kerosene lanterns and batteries for power and light.

What products does Lumos offer?

Lumos offers solar home systems for individuals, families and small business owners: 

  • Lumos ECO – With 80W panel and 200Wh battery. Lumos ECO supports the following appliances: LED-lights, USB charger points, fans, radios and small TVs. 
  • Lumos PRIME – With 160W panel and 330Wh battery. Lumos PRIME supports the following appliances: LED-lights, USB charging points, fans, TVs, radios, trimmers, sewing machines, laptops. 
How do customers join Lumos’ service?

Through partnerships with leading mobile operators, Lumos delivers its smart solar solution as a service purchased through the mobile phone. Once a customer has received a Lumos kit, upon registering and paying a small, one-time initial down payment, the solar panel and indoor unit are installed. The consumer makes affordable ongoing monthly instalment payments from his or her mobile phone. Once the payment has been credited, the service unlocks and the customer can enjoy safe, clean and reliable electricity.

Does Lumos operate local websites?

Visit our local websites for Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire