Lumos launches ‘Work From Home’ initiative to support businesses during COVID-19

May 31, 2020

The last three and a half months have seen countries around the world go into lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. In response to this, Lumos has launched a brand new ‘Work from Home’ initiative, for Nigerian businesses to provide employees with solar systems while working from home.

The Nigerian government has been praised for its quick response to COVID-19. Now, five weeks since lockdown began, the government is beginning to loosen restrictions, allowing limited commercial activity to resume for the first time.

The easing of the lockdown is in part due to the fact that Nigeria’s economy depends on over 37 million micro, small and medium enterprises that account for more than 84 per cent of jobs in the country. 

The lockdown poses a huge threat to millions of these businesses and the Nigerian economy, as employees are forced to stay at home and are unable to work or earn an income without power.

This is why access to reliable power has never been more important. Through our new ‘Work from Home’ initiative, Lumos solar kits will allow many people to work from home for the first time, keep essential businesses open and allow children to continue with their schooling through online classes. 

Alistair Gordon, Group CEO, Lumos, commented: “Covid-19 is sadly forecast to have as devastating an effect on the economy as it has on health. The same skills and capabilities that have allowed Lumos to respond so promptly to the needs of the Nigerian healthcare system, position us exceptionally well to support the economic recovery efforts once the lockdowns are lifted. “Energy is a core pillar of economic growth. To ensure sustainable economic recovery and enable prosperity after this pandemic, it’s crucial that we provide clean and reliable power for everyone.”

Lumos is supporting a variety of businesses with the Work from Home initiative, with thousands of potential customers in the pipeline. For example, a Nigerian bank has provided its managers with solar power so that they can access the bank’s online network and perform critical transactions.

As well as supporting businesses in the short term, as the market-leading solar home system company in Nigeria, Lumos is dedicated to supporting the long-term economic development of the country. We are on a mission to provide people and businesses with access to affordable, reliable and clean power, increasing prosperity and improving quality of life.

In a recent CDC Report, research showed that 80% of Lumos’ business customers saw an increase in their income once they purchased a Lumos solar home system. 

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