Lumos Nigeria’s Campaign Wins the Sabre Award for Superior Achievement in PR and CSR

June 26, 2021

We’re excited to share that Lumos Nigeria together with Modion Communications, a fast-rising PR Agency in Africa, won the continent’s biggest prize for superior achievement in Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility at the 2021 Africa Sabre Award. 

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) intervention campaign called “Touching Lives Through A Determined School Child – Dele Fathia” was adjudged as the overall best social campaign in Africa by the Sabre Awards jury, beating other top nominees from leading brands and companies in Kenya, Mauritius, and Uganda.

Studying at the ATM

The campaign supported indigent schoolgirl, Fathia Dele Rasheed, from Ondo State, Southwest, Nigeria after Lumos Nigeria tracked Dele when a picture of her doing her homework at night using the illumination from an ATM facility surfaced on social media. 

Within 48 hours after the social media reveal, Lumos had installed a free Solar Home System in Dele’s home, allowing her and her family to have constant access to electricity. Dele has since been able to study without the pressure of power cuts, after finding a source of healthy light that does not put her safety at risk. 

Electricity in Nigeria

According to the World Bank, Nigeria has a large electrification deficit, with 85 million people left with bad or no electricity. Even in areas that have access to the electricity grid, there are on average 32.8 electrical outages during a typical month. As a result, Nigeria’s government has committed to providing 5 million SHSs to 25 million households as part of the country’s quick-win strategy to deliver electricity to more families.

Dele’s family is now one of hundreds of thousands of households and small businesses in Africa already connected to Lumos and enjoying clean and reliable electricity. 

The Lumos Impact 

Though education is vital to unlocking a higher quality of life, the lack of access to reliable and affordable electricity services makes education almost impossible. In most cases, when there is no light at home, children are forced to reduce their learning time or find an alternative light source, such as at an ATM machine rather than in the safety of their own homes.Lumos allows hundreds of thousands of people across sub-Saharan Africa to enhance their education by offering affordable, reliable and safe power. Find out more about how Lumos is supporting education in Africa here.