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3 Ways SHSs Provide Hassle-Free Energy for Households in Sub-Saharan Africa

Access to power in Sub-Saharan Africa is far from being a given. In Nigeria, approximately 92 million people out of the country’s 200 million population lack access to reliable electricity. Similarly in Côte d’Ivoire, 33% of the population doesn’t have access to the grid. As a result, many are left having to rely on complicated, expensive and unhealthy generators to have access to the most basic energy level. With Solar Home Systems (SHSs), households are able to have hassle-free power, without compromises.

No Fossil Fuels

As millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa rely on fossil fuels to produce electricity, the result is a worrying and increasing amount of pollution in the region. With solar panels installed on roofs, Lumos technology transforms solar energy into power that is then stored in the Lumos Yellow Box. This is the most sustainable and efficient energy option as no emissions are created, released into the atmosphere or even into the household.

No Fumes

Traditional petrol-powered generators release dangerous and toxic fumes into the home. They are very polluting, can get extremely hot, have a strong unpleasant smell and irritate the eyes. Unfortunately, for many households, the option is to either have light with the generator on while putting their health at risk, or to simply be in the dark. With Lumos solar energy, users can have clean light that helps preserve their health. Indeed, 48% of solar home system users noticed improvements in their health after they switched from generators to solar power.

Easy to Use

Once everything has been put together, SHSs don’t need much attention and are very low maintenance. Therefore, once a technician has installed the solar power on the roof, or in a place that’s free from shade and excessive debris falling on it, and linked it to the Lumos Yellow Box, customers can start enjoying access to clean power immediately. Indeed, the solar panel will start capturing solar energy as soon as it’s installed and keep topping up the Lumos Yellow Box as it’s being used.

Making Everyday Hassle-Free

With Lumos, customers can be confident in knowing that everyday, they will have power at home without having to compromise on their health and their environment. Indeed, Lumos is already allowing thousands of households and SMEs to be more relaxed as they enjoy reliable, clean and affordable energy.


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