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Lumos, Africa’s Market Leading Solar Home System Provider

The highest quality products and service, made accessible to everyone:
  • Easy-to-install roof solar panels
  • An indoor unit including a high-performance battery, proprietary electronics and mobile connectivity
  • Sophisticated back-end management software and applications
  • Advanced security, encryption and control systems
  • Performance tracking and telemetry
  • Remote service and troubleshooting
  • Versatile and dynamic payment methods, including airtime, mobile money, digital payments
  • The system can power a TV, fan, lights, mobile devices and other small appliances

Lumos ECO

80W Panel
200Wh Battery

Appliances supported:
LED-lights, USB charger points,
fans, radios, small TVs


160W Panel
330Wh Battery

Appliances supported:
LED-lights, USB charging points, fans, TVs,
radios, trimmers, sewing machines, laptops

– Larger capacity units are in development –