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Lumos FAQs

We pride ourselves in offering our customers:​

The highest quality of service and care

Response to all enquiries within 24 hours on working days

A 28 month warranty, ensuring your power coverage*

* Subject to the terms and conditions as specified in your agreement with us.

We’ve put together our FAQs to ensure you can look after your Lumos products. If you still need assistance, please contact us.

  • How can I make my Lumos Yellow Box charge faster?
    For your Lumos Yellow Box to charge faster, regularly clean your solar panel using a soft cloth and water to gently wash the surface.
  • Where should my Lumos solar panel be?
    For the battery to charge optimally, your Lumos solar panel must be in direct sunlight and there must be no shading from neighbouring buildings or trees.
  • How can I optimise my Lumos Yellow Box battery?
    To optimise charging times, turn off all appliances when not in use. The battery will charge slower while in use.
  • How much can the L1 power?
    The L1 can power a total load of 150W appliances.
  • How many hours does the battery last for light?
    The battery can last for up to 16 hours on 5W x 4 bulbs when fully charged.
  • Does the L1 show the charge and drain rate of the battery?
    Yes, the L1 has a bar indication that shows the charge and drain rate of the battery.
  • How can I restart my L1?
    Press * and long press 5 for 60 seconds. A drop down option will show for reboot, cancel and shutdown.
  • Where can I see the PV charging rate?
    The L1 has an indicator that displays the PV charging rate.
  • I have a red indicator light on my Lumos Yellow Box, what does this mean?
    The red indicator light on your Lumos Yellow Box means poor reception. Moving the box from the current position to a location with better reception can fix that.
  • My bulb cable is breaking, will it still work?
    Mutilated bulb cable connections can make the bulbs flicker on and off, and cause your Lumos Yellow Box to display system overload.
  • My Lumos Yellow Box has shut down, how can I restart it?
    You can restart your Lumos Yellow Box whenever it shuts down. Simply press the power and info button for 15 seconds to restart your box.
  • How can I pay for Lumos?
    MTN Customers can now pay using USSD CODE and Quickteller. To pay using Quickteller, click here. For USSD, simply dial *bankcode*000*041+systemID+plan# For payment record, simply SMS 'Pay' to 317 using the MTN number linked to your system. For the price list, simply SMS 'Price' to 317 using the MTN number linked to your system.
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