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Introducing the

Partner Network

A Network of Empowered Partners

The LPN is a community of individuals serving as Lumos Partners in various communities in different states spread across Nigeria. They are carefully selected by Lumos through a rigorous selection process and are admitted into a training academy where they are trained to acquire critical attitudes, knowledge and skills.

The LPN Vision

Powering wealth and entrepreneurship through affordable solar systems.

To become a Lumos Partner today, get selected; attend our elite training, and start earning your income.

A Lumos Partner is someone who…

Partners with Lumos to enable people in their community to gain access to affordable electricity through solar power.

 Helps to solve the electricity problem in Nigeria and make money for themselves through the sales of Lumos Solar Home Systems and provision of after-sales services within their communities.

Is not an employee of Lumos but a partner that is well trained by Lumos and compensated through a revenue-share arrangement based on their customer acquisitions and monthly repayments made by their customer base.


What are the key requirements to become a Lumos Partner?


The Lumos Partner Academy

Join a multi-city experiential, skill-building academy that equips and onboards selected credible individuals into the Lumos Partner Network as Lumos Community Partners (LCP).


The curriculum is designed to focus on a 360-degree view of the role of an LCP, providing the technical and behavioral competencies required for success.

The carefully selected and diverse faculty is made up of proven trainers and subject matter experts to facilitate the participant’s unique learning experience.

Hear From
Some of Our Partners


“Being a Lumos Community Partner has developed my entrepreneurial skills and helped me grow my wealth. In 2 weeks of joining the Lumos Partner Network, I earned close to N300,000 as my incentives!”

Jeffery O., Edo State

Become a Lumos Partner today


Get Selected


Attend Our Elite Training


Start Earning Your Income

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