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3 ways Lumos makes every day affordable

With the cost of bills, fuel and traditional energy rising, the demand for alternative and more affordable forms of power is increasing. Furthermore, the cost of solar energy has dropped considerably since it first became available. As certain regions of Sub-Saharan Africa are plagued with more and more power cuts, other regions are not even connected to the electricity grid. From choosing how much to spend to saving on bills to increasing economic activity, solar power makes every day more affordable. As a result, solar power is one of the fastest growing markets for reusable and, importantly in today’s economic climate, inexpensive energy.

Choosing How Much to Spend

Solar power allows customers to decide for themselves how much power they want to use in relation to their budget. On top of deciding this, Lumos has an energy conservation system which enables customers to control how much power they use and when. Therefore, when choosing which appliance to connect and for how long, customers can regulate how much they end up spending on power.

Saving on Bills

One of the biggest benefits of using solar power is how affordable it is for everyone. Indeed, depending on the plan that Lumos customers opt for, Lumos can be up to 80% cheaper than running a generator. Additionally, fuel generator prices have more than doubled since the start of the year, which has resulted in the cost of maintaining generators following suit.

With Lumos, customers are able to spend wisely, reduce their monthly power expenses as they save on their bills and for their future. At the same time, they don’t have to be concerned about whether or not the grid is functioning properly. Moreover, customers don’t pay more to use Lumos during peak hours; they can use it when they need it, the rate will be the same.

Increasing Economic Activity

On a business level, better quality and more demand for affordable solar power is very relevant, with many businesses across the world starting to look at solar as an alternative and cleaner energy solution. In Sub-Saharan Africa, many small and medium businesses either have no access at all to the grid or rely on it but experience frequent and extended power cuts. Therefore, they are forced to stop working once night falls. Some women and business owners rely on the grid, which means working days can be extremely unreliable. Jewellery-maker, Doris, let us know that: “There are times when I’m working into the night and the NEPA goes and then I have to stop work.” With Lumos, small and medium business owners like Doris can set their own hours, work at the times that are convenient for them and at their own pace.

Ideal for homes, small and medium businesses, and to supply power to appliances like lights, phones, fans and TVs, not only is Lumos practical for everyday life, it also allows customers to save. Indeed, using affordable solar power means having more money to spend on all of the other things customers need to pay for including food, and household and business expenses.


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