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Lumos Provides Clean Energy to Ivorians with its Special Offer to Light up 2024

Lumos Côte d'Ivoire recently launched a special offer with exclusive prices on the ECO (B7) and PRIME (B9) Lumos Yellow Boxes, allowing even more individuals and their families in Côte d’Ivoire to buy a Lumos box for less. 

Under the committed leadership of Lumos Côte d’Ivoire’s CEO, Renée Comoë Seka, Lumos is giving Ivorians the opportunity to access clean and renewable energy, contributing to Lumos’ wider mission of improving life quality. By also supporting families outside the city and in the Ivorian countryside, Lumos brings a glimmer of hope to Ivorian homes and reinforces its commitment to the community, providing essential lighting and a reliable source of energy to foster growth and well-being.

Hear from Renée here:

This exclusive offer allows both Ivorians and those living far from their country to illuminate 2024 for their families. Wherever their relatives live, those in the city and overseas can provide them the precious gift of light with Lumos. In this way, Lumos celebrates family unity through clean, reliable and affordable solar energy.

Today, Lumos is a leader in sub-Saharan Africa, having impacted the lives of millions of people across the region with its affordable solar solutions to light up and energise homes and communities in Côte d'Ivoire in addition to Nigeria. With Lumos, an uninterrupted source of energy for lighting, phone charging, television, fan and other appliances is made possible by this easy-to-install and use solar solution. 

Lumos' mission is to bring light where it is needed, enabling progress and improving everyday life. This was covered in here.


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