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5 Reasons Why Solar Power Is the Future for Sub-Saharan Africa

With approximately 1 billion people in Africa with poor or no access to the electricity grid, Nigeria alone has 85 million people living out of its reach. Additionally, major grid issues are becoming more frequent across Nigeria. As a result, an important part of the population has no option but to rely on other solutions including fossil-fueled generators for their electricity needs. However, these generators can cause more harm than good, creating health issues and pollution, all the whilst being very costly. On the other hand, solar power is more environmentally friendly, reliable, allows power independence, and is a healthier and more affordable energy option.

1- Environmentally friendly

With millions in Sub-Saharan Africa relying on fossil fuels for electricity production, the result is increasing pollution in the region. Thanks to solar panels installed on roofs, Lumos technology transforms solar energy into electricity that is then stored in the Lumos Yellow Box. Once everything is installed, Lumos customers can start enjoying access to clean power immediately.

2- Reliable

Since 2022 began, the energy situation in Sub-Saharan Africa has gotten a lot worse. Côte d’Ivoire suffers frequent night-time power cuts that can last from minutes to days while Nigeria suffers from regular grid collapses. Lumos customers can rest-assured that by transforming solar energy into electricity, they can relax knowing that they’ll have power.

3- Boosts power supply independence

With an unreliable grid and increasing costs of fuel, people in Sub-Saharan Africa struggle to achieve the power supply independence they aim for. Indeed, 78% of Nigerians connected to the grid receive less than 12 hours of electricity daily while in Abidjan, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire, power cuts can last for days on end. Lumos ensures complete independence from the grid and allows customers to control their daily routines.

4- Better for health

Fuel-powered generators produce dangerous fumes that can irritate eyes and affect breathing, among other symptoms. A recent report stated that 48% of solar home system users noticed improvements in their health after they switched from generators to solar power. By creating power from solar energy, Lumos provides clean and healthy electricity that in turn promotes a healthier household.

5- More affordable energy option

With petrol shortages and skyrocketing diesel prices, countries around the globe are constantly looking for alternative energy solutions. Due to multiple factors in March 2022, diesel prices in Nigeria almost tripled from about ₦200 to over ₦700 per litre. This led to many relying on fuel-powered generators unable to have electricity at home for a certain period of time. When switching to Lumos, customers no longer have to rely on the volatility of fuel prices and can save on their bills.

Solar Power is the Future of Sub-Saharan Africa

By providing a clean, affordable and reliable power solution, Lumos solar energy provides households across Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire with many benefits. From no longer having to worry about whether or not the grid will work, to knowing their health won’t be negatively affected, to being able to save monthly, Lumos has the power to be the energy change Sub-Saharan Africa is looking for.


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