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5 Ways Lumos Makes Lives in West Africa Easier

With almost 1 billion people in Africa still suffering from no or unreliable access to the electricity grid, around 92 million of them find themselves in Nigeria. This leaves millions of people facing a choice with two not-so-good outcomes: having power by relying on expensive fuel-powered generators that release dangerous fumes into their homes or not having any at all.

Lumos takes away this issue altogether and provides households and small and medium businesses across Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire with clean, reliable and affordable energy, giving millions of people one less thing to worry about. Discover the stories from happy Lumos customers as they share 5 of the ways Lumos makes their every day easier.

1- Getting the Children Ready in the Morning

Waking up before sunrise in communities with unreliable access to the grid can make getting ready complicated, especially when children are involved. “Waking up by 5am to prepare my kids for school has been made easy for me with Lumos. It brightens the entire house, making preparations easy, fast and fun. And we don’t have to look or search for a source of light.” said Praise H. With the light Lumos provides, families can get ready seamlessly: “Getting the kids ready in the morning for school has been easy for my wife since I started using Lumos”. noted Odumosu O. Furthermore, children and parents alike are more relaxed at home. “Waking up at 5am to prepare the kids for school has been super easy and they get to watch cartoons before leaving for school.” Rosemary F rejoiced.

2- More Time to Study

As night falls, millions of children are unable to study at home due to the lack of light. With Lumos, this ceases to be an issue and the children “study and do their homework even into the night without the fear of a blackout” said Tee Q.

“With Lumos light my children study every evening.” - Gnihi

Whatever the time of day, “when the children leave school and come home in the evening, they can study.” remarked Emile D. This allows them to further their education and increases their chances of improving their quality of life.

3- Longer Business Operating Hours

Lumos also helps small and medium businesses with having reliable power. Indeed, business owners also suffer from the failing grid and interruptions in the power supply. “I have light in my shop all the time. People think I run my generator 24/7.” noted Altunde T. This allows SME owners to have a steady revenue and increase their profits as they’re not at the mercy of the grid. Moreover, not only is Lumos more reliable, it’s also a more practical and clean option: “For the past 3 years Lumos has been powering my barber shop and I don't have to go out to start the generator. No oil stains from the generator on the floor, no servicing of the generator. It's affordable and very convenient.” said Olayinka R.

4- A healthier home

Traditional fuel-powered generators release dangerous fumes into the air. These are extremely polluting, can get very hot, have a strong smell and irritate the eyes. However, for many households, the choice is to either have the generator on and have light while putting their health at risk, or to be in the dark. “With Lumos, there are no more generator fumes. We are so happy about this.” noted Orogbo E. For households with infants, this can be an extremely tough decision to make. With Lumos, “I have never been concerned about keeping my baby in darkness and in the heat.” remarked Ewejobi E.

5- More time to relax

Whether it’s after a long day or just for the pleasure of being at home, coming home to a relaxing environment is essential to recharge. However, when it’s hot and dark at home, people tend not to look forward to this moment and feel a sense of dread. “I hate heat season, but this year, the heat season was one of the best. The kids and I used a fan with our Lumos to have a very sound and beautiful sleep. When it's morning and neighbours are complaining about how they couldn't sleep because of the harsh weather at night, I just smile because we slept peacefully and dream dreams with our fan connected to our Lumos. No more carrying or using torch light or candles.” Rosemary F rejoiced. Additionally, children can stay in the safety of their own home and not wander around in the dark to find somewhere external to relax: “The kids no longer need to go out to the neighbours to watch their favourite TV shows.” Tee Q expressed. As for the adults, “With Lumos, I can read books whenever I like at night without any noise unlike with generators.” commented Nweke B.

Making every day more simple

With Lumos, customers can be reassured that every day, they will have light at home. One customer, Odus J, said, “Lumos has given the whole family comfort and reliability in knowing that there is always light in our home”. As the grid shows no immediate signs of becoming more reliable and reaching new areas, Lumos is the future of Sub-Saharan Africa, providing millions with clean, affordable and reliable power.


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