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Back to School with Lumos

As the summer holidays come to an end, families across Sub-Saharan Africa are gearing up to send their children back to school. However, with the cost of living still increasing across the board, running fuel generators is increasingly expensive. Additionally, school fees can be high and buying school supplies also needs to be done. On the whole, bills and expenses are rising, health is affected and children are being negatively impacted by these trends. Fortunately, Lumos provides affordable, reliable energy, allowing households to provide a healthy and safe environment to study for children.

Doing Homework After Dark

With unreliable to no access to the electricity grid, once the sun goes down, millions of children across Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire are left to rely on fuel-powered generators or have no light at all to do their homework. These generators produce hazardous fumes that are dangerous to breathe in and irritate the eyes and throat, making doing homework extra challenging. Thanks to Lumos, families have clean power that allows children to take their time when doing their homework all while preserving their health.

For Ezra in Nigeria, he let us know that his “kids no longer rush to do their homework in the day because there is alway light in the night”. Falodun shared that it enables their children “to do their assignments without a light difficulty” while Gnihi, who has a son that went into 6th grade, is reassured that with the Lumos light, their “children study every evening”. Over in Côte d’Ivoire, Emile feels like Lumos came to save them: “when the children leave school and come home in the evening, they can study”. Thanks to Lumos, these families have reliable and clean power, the children are not rushed by sundown and they can further their education at their own pace.

Relaxing After Homework

Studying is not the only important aspect of being a child: relaxing, being able to let go and have a good night’s sleep after a day in school and of homework is a vital part of children’s wellbeing. A reward after all the hard work such as some screen time is difficult to achieve when there’s no power. For Alexryn in Nigeria, “Lumos has really been a good replacement for my generator. Honestly for the past 3 years I have not touched my generator and I'm even thinking of selling my generator. My children watch TV and sleep well at night”. Meanwhile in Odumosu’s home, the “kids are always happy as anytime they are back from school, they see light to do their assignment and watch cartoons afterwards”.

Light in the Dark

Lumos allows children across Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire to continue studying into the night without compromising on health and safety. The power of solar energy makes furthering their education achievable and being at home more enjoyable. Families like Ejezie’s in Nigeria have recognised that having Lumos at home was the best thing they did for their kids and entire household.


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